Freedom Listing

There Is A LOT Of Advantages To A Broker

A Broker Puts The Entire Deal Together.

What happens if something goes wrong if you decide to tackle the paperwork alone? This alone is one of the sole reasons people hire a real estate agent to represent them in the transaction. A broker is actually the only person who can legally help you buy or sell a house. A real estate agent is someone who was given permission to market the home. With the Freedom Listing, you get the advantage of having that representation.

What Can Go Wrong?

Below is a list of common issues when selling a home and the risks you take when you do not have any legal representation:

  • Buyer can sue you if state-mandatory disclosures aren’t executed correctly (up to 2 years after sale of property)
  • You miss some contingencies from the buyer costing you thousands
  • If unrepresented, buyer with agent may take advantage of you