Freedom Listing

List Your Home On The MLS

What is the MLS? MLS is abbreviated for Multiple Listing Service and it’s the platform that is exclusive to REALTORS to buy and sell homes on the market. Unfortunately, the only way to access this platform is to hire a REALTOR so we decided to open our exclusivity up by utilizing an agreement otherwise known as the Exclusive Agency Agreement rather than the one 97%+ of brokerages use that is called Exclusive Rights and Authorization Agreement which is one that you owe the REALTOR even if you find the buyer! We want you to sell your home whether you go with an offer we bring or an offer that you find!

Why does the MLS benefit me? We will highlight some of the features that aren’t available to the general public and why other companies and websites aren’t as efficient.

  • All the legal forms that we use are Nevada State Approved forms.
  • Access to the IDX, a syndication platform that will instantly market your homes across hundreds of real estate sites.
  • Contractual obligation by your agent to give you the best representation to their best to the best of their capacity. (Otherwise known as duties owed)
  • No more unsolicited calls from hungry agents looking for business. Once it’s on the market, they cannot bother you anymore!
  • Agreements are very flexible and we have even listed homes for as short as a weekend!