Freedom Listing

Make Your Home Stand Out

Why are photos so important when selling my home?

Well believe it or not, photos may be the single most important aspect on selling your home. It is the first time a perspective buyer gets to see your home and first impressions are everything. There’s actually data science that supports the statement “photos of your home should feel like a tour and also tell a story”.

What we see most often with sellers that use the freedom listing is photos of rooms that aren’t necessary for the marketing but crucial during the showing. You must remember the pictures don’t necessarily need to show everything, but just enough to get the buyers’ attention and feel welcomed to visiting your home.

When we take pictures or hire a professional photographer to take shots for your home, your home will be done in a manner that buyers look at more. Some of the companies we hire actually use nationwide data consisted of real transactions and using heat maps to indicate where the buyers are putting their attention. This is actually measured by using VR technology to follow actual eye movement.