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FREE Home Warranty

What is a home warranty anyways? Well your home is filled with expensive appliances that make your home habitable which is often required for most mortgage products. It’s not insurance, but rather a resource for you to protect your products for free for up to 120 days. The only thing you would ever be responsible for is the service call fee which is still cheaper than replacing whatever the issue would be.

What is covered with my complimentary coverage? Through business affiliations we are able to offer this product and offer some of the following features:

  • 7 days a week, same-day appointments
  • Easy to read inspection report
  • Home Warranty/Home Inspection package
  • No deductible (for buyer if they decide to purchase your package)
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee for 90-day-buyback-program (they will buy the home back from the buyer to give both parties a piece of mind)
  • HouseCheckLasVegas.com for more details