Freedom Listing

Your Neighbors Can Be The Best Buyers

 Do I really need a sign in my yard?

Well that is a question that has more than one correct answer… One thing that is for sure: when you put a for sale sign in your yard, people who drive by will look. Is that enough to sell your home? No, not really. As long as the house is listed, then it will get buyers to look at it. Signs are a good way to get neighbors to prospect on your behalf and open houses will be more successful. Imagine driving around looking for a fast food restaurant, the first thing you look for is most likely the sign. The same applies to a home when drivers decide to cruise around the area. We will place a sign in your yard for free! We do this because it’s a bright yellow sign with yellow post and we want to put our brand in your yard to showcase to everyone that we intend on helping you sell your home.